Black & White 35mm Film Photography Workshops

The four workshops below are designed to suit anyone, whether new to black & white photography or experienced and looking for somewhere based in Greenock to continue their analogue journey!

Full & Half Day Workshops book online

1. Full Day Workshop

Photograph • Develop • Print

Photograph • Develop • Print is a fun and informative introduction to all aspects of 35mm black & white film photography without needing to bring any equipment whatsoever. Just bring yourself and everything will provided throughout the day then take home your film negatives and some prints (£180.00 per person).

2. Half Day Workshop

Develop • Print

Develop • Print is similar in approach to the Full Day Workshop but without the photography element. You can either bring your exposed 35mm black & white film canister or your 35mm camera with your exposed film in situ (if you’re new to film and not sure how to remove it safely). Everything from there is provided. (£90.00 per person).

Full Day Workshop dates are available by appointment
Half Day Workshops dates are available by appointment

Two Hour Workshops by arrangement

The Two Hour Workshops, Develop or Print, can be arranged with ‘individuals’ or groups of ‘up to three people’ on an ad hoc basis by getting in touch with Steve: 07778 (session times available during weekdays and evenings from Monday to Thursday). These shorter workshop sessions, led by Steve Elliott, can be more flexible to suit your experience.

3. Two Hour WorkshopDevelop

Develop your film only

Develop your own exposed 35mm black & white film only.
Designed for people who have shot on black and white film and would like to learn how to develop their own film. The film can then be scanned at your convenience or brought back on an other occasion to be printed. We don’t offer a contact proof facility at present (£60.00 per person).

4. Two Hour Workshop – Print

Print your film only

Print from your developed black & white negatives only.
Designed for those who have shot on 35mm black & white film and had it developed (and possibly scanned by a lab) but would like to make their own prints or learn how to make prints and develop them (£60.00 per person).

The Two Hour Workshops can also provide those who attended Full or Half Day Workshops with an opportunity to return and progress their developing and printing skills. £60.00 per person payable by direct bank transfer prior to the workshop.

If there is something specific you would like to learn or achieve outside of these four workshop packages, or if you have any questions about the workshop activities on offer, please call Steve or email to discuss: 07778

Important note: Whilst every effort is made to help you get good results from your photography, film and printing experience, we cannot guarantee ‘perfect’ results. These are workshops and mistakes can be made as part of the learning process. We always try to help. The workshops are designed for beginners, intermediates and people looking to learn, experiment and improve in a friendly, DIY atmosphere. The 35mm film we use in ‘full day’ workshops is very forgiving and allows for a certain amount of user error, which can be compensated for throughout the process, helping attendees achieve good outcomes and learn from the experience.