Web design with content in mind

Art24 provides a comprehensive web design service to small and medium size businesses, including self employed individuals and home based workers in Inverclyde.

I call it comprehensive because it isn’t enough to offer five web pages at a cut price and then just leave it up to you. For the majority of businesses websites replace traditional marketing activities such as advertising, direct mail and leaflets. Unfortunately, many websites receive far less care and attention than these older mediums enjoyed.

So, what is the point of providing an owner updateable ‘content management system’ website to a business – with all this new technology – but not use professionally sourced content for their website?

I’ll definitely provide you with a ‘content managed’ website, in WordPress, fully customised to work with your branding and preferred look but, in truth, am uncomfortable about handing it over devoid of meaningful content.

When you choose to have your website produced by Art24 it is a genuine project with a beginning, middle and end. It is turned around quickly and smartly because:

1. I’m not going to pretend that it is particularly difficult or time consuming to set up your basic WordPress based site. It does take some time to customise it and get it looking right but we are talking days, not weeks.

2. Content, copy, what you want to say, the difficult bit for some, less so for others. We will need to say something about your business. Whenever possible, I will meet you and spend time talking to you about you and your business whilst taking notes. I’ll then go away and after a short time submit a proposal and a plan of how and where information appears on your website with the draft copy I have written. This can be edited and fine tuned but, most importantly, I will provide you with something we can edit and fine tune in the first place.

3. Imagery has a big part to play. If you sell products, I can take great photos of them; if you make things, I’ll take photos of the process and some of the things you make or do; if it’s a service based business I can either take great shots of your company in action or we can research reasonably priced stock photography. Art24 can also provide bespoke illustration for your website.

There, content management system websites where ‘content’ gets a mention – they look quite bare without it.

Of course, I’m happy to just join the dots and fill in the gaps for people who have pages full of copy and libraries of images screaming to be liberated into the online world. Call for a chat and we’ll work something out.

And finally, ‘yes’ to Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) but please, give them something to look for!